Latex Guide

There are many different types of latex used on the palm of goalkeeper gloves and it can be confusing to know which is the best for you. We have put together this simple, easy to read guide and rated our own latex to help you.

At Pinnacle we stand out from the crowd and only use natural latex sourced from Germany, which are as follows:


Mega Grip Latex

Giga Grip Latex 

Aqua Latex

Supreme Contact Latex

Dry weather 3/5

Dry weather 4/4

Dry weather 4/4

Wet weather 5/5

Wet weather 2/5

Wet weather 4/4

Wet weather 5/4

Dry weather 5/5

Durability 3/5

Durability 4/4

Durability 5/4

Durability 4/5