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Founded in 2020 in Leeds, Pinnacle Goalkeeping has quickly established itself as a trusted name in the goalkeeping community. Our mission is to equip goalkeepers with the tools they need to excel in their game and reach new heights of success.

As a goalkeeper, your role is crucial in the game of Football. You are the last line of defence, the one responsible for protecting your team's goal. To excel in this position, it is essential to receive specilised goalkeeper coaching. With the right guidance and training, you can master the art of goalkeeping and become a formidable force on the field.

At Pinnacle Goalkeeping, we understand the importance of goalkeeper coaching in developing the skills and techniques necessary to succeed. Our expertise in goalkeeper equipment and accessories extends beyond providing top-quality products. We are committed to supporting goalkeepers at all levels by offering valuable coaching resources and guidance.

Why is goalkeeper coaching so important? Let's explore:

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Goalkeeping requires a unique set of skills and techniques. Our specialised coaching helps you develop the correct stance, positioning, and footwork to make effective saves. It teaches you how to dive, catch, punch, and distribute the ball with precision and confidence.

Decision Making:

A goalkeeper must make split-second decisions during a game. Coaching helps you analyze game situations, anticipate the opponent's moves, and make the right choices. It enhances your ability to read the game, assess threats, and react quickly to protect your goal.


Goalkeepers are the eyes and voice of the defence. Our coaching emphasises effective communication with your teammates, ensuring everyone is organised and aware of their roles. Clear and concise instructions help maintain a strong defensive line and prevent scoring opportunities for the opposing team.

Mental Strength:

Goalkeeping can be mentally demanding. We provide strategies to stay focused, handle pressure, and bounce back from mistakes. Working with us instills confidence, resilience, and a positive mindset, enabling you to perform at your best even in challenging situations.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced goalkeeper, investing in coaching is a wise decision. We are here to support your journey by offering the highest standard of goalkeeper coaching sessions and expert advice.

Remember, goalkeeping is a continuous learning process. Stay dedicated, train hard, and seek guidance from our experienced coaches. With the right coaching and the right equipment, we can elevate your goalkeeping skills to new heights.

Take your goalkeeping to the next level with Pinnacle Goalkeeping. Let us be your trusted partner in your journey to becoming a skilled and confident goalkeeper.

  • One on one coaching

    Specialised one on one coaching -The best method to enhance specific elements of goalkeeping for a well-rounded goalkeeper, extensive analysis by coaches is essential to address technique and eliminate detrimental 'bad habits' leading to errors.

  • In team training

    Sick of turning up to your team training every week to find that you're neglected once again and partaking in the same drills as the outfielders? We can offer a specialised drop in where we isolate the keeper/s and work on goalkeeping specifics. 

  • Group sessions

    We run a group camp periodically for keepers to come and spend half a day learning, developing and applying knowledge and techniques. 

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Meet the coaches

Head Coach

Harry Garman

Semi- professional footballer at Stocksbridge Park Steels

Lead academy goalkeeper coach at Guiseley AFC

FA & UEFA Qualified Coach 

Leeds based


Lead coach

George Grubb

Goalkeeper development coach at Sheffield united

Halifax FC Women's First Team Goalkeeper Coach

FA & UEFA Qualified Coach 

Leeds Based

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