The Best Goalie Gloves for Kids

The Best Goalie Gloves for Kids

I can't stress enough how important it is to get your kids a decent pair of goalkeeper gloves that will have a have a good durability, good grip and most importantly offer great protection children's wrists. 

Goalkeeper gloves were introduced as an accessory for performance benefits and of course to add protection to goalkeepers. It's essential that children especially  under the age of 12 have a decent well constructed pair of goalie gloves to avoid injury. Young keepers are prone to taking injuries due to the subtleness of their bone density. If you're heading down to your local sports shop in search for a pair of gloves for your child, you'll most likely find a pair of flashy looking gloves that look like the exact same gloves you see the goalkeepers on the TV wear for only £15, you're probably thinking you've ht the jackpot, right? Well I'm afraid to tell you that there's a reason these gloves are only £15, the big companies have different takedowns of each glove, the pair that the professionals were would cost you around £100 and then again you're probably not getting the exact same glove as they get their gloves modified. 

The pair you've found at your local sports store will without a doubt offer poor protection to wrists, fingers and hands not a risk you'd want to take with anyone never mind a child. The latex palm of these gloves is likely be between 1.5-2mm this is extremely thin offering very little protection, I've played with these gloves before, saving a shot with even the slightest bit power leaves you with a stinging feeling on the palm of your hands, that's more than enough to put kids off going in goal. The thickness of the palm will also be a huge contributing factor of the durability of the glove, kids tend to wear through gloves very quickly, the thinner the palm the quicker the palm will fall through. The cheapest gloves have practically no build to them, if you wanted you could most likely tear the gloves in half with your bare hands.

We recommend spending around £20 for a pair of goalkeeper gloves for your child, the academy range is a great option, not only offering fantastic protection but also a good grip and long lasting durability- 3 things you wont get when purchasing a pair of big name brand gloves around the same price point.  If you're child is playing at a competitive level or wants a glove that performs on par with the professional keepers gloves we have the highest level of quality in our PRO and ELITE ranges, they use top tier materials, embedded with advanced technology and are made with care and the highest level of craftsmanship. All our kids gloves match the specifications of the adult sizes whereas most other glove brands lower the quality of the kids gloves. 

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