The benefits of Finger and Wrist Tape

March 30, 2020

The benefits of Finger and Wrist Tape

Ever since breaking my arm while Playing in goal I've always worn finger and wrist tape to every game and training session. When in my teens I played football through the academic year and cricket through the summer, I sustained many injuries to my fingers resulting in having weak joints and unusual ranges of movements at the joints. 

The physical benefits of using tape on both your wrist and fingers is to offer protection and support, the tape acts as an extra layer of security mainly to your fingers and wrists similar to goalkeeper gloves with finger saves or finger spines however the tape is directly attached to your body giving optimal support and protection. The tape can be used for reinforcing weak areas, for  keepers hoping to make a recovery from an injury or for keepers hoping to prevent injury. 

The Pinnacle Finger and wrist tape is not only protective but also flexible, it doesn't restrict common movements such as clenching your fists together unlike finger spine/ finger save gloves as they restrict this movement due to the nature of the flexibility in the plastic.

The physiological benefits of using tape differ for the user, personally I hate having any excuse to hold me back when playing, whether that be a lack of confidence in my gloves because the latex isn't at optimal level or a lack of confidence in my fingers and wrists. On the coach to a game tapping up my wrists is not only something to do but it focuses myself on what I need to achieve in the game and It gets me in the mindset of taking the game seriously, it's great way to prepare. 


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Size guide

Due to manufacturing and glove cuts some of our gloves fit different in different sizes, we have put together a size guide below to follow for the perfect fit. 

ELITE Range 

Go a half size to a whole size down. 

PRO Range

Go a half size up or stay true to size

Academy Range 

Go a half size down or stay true to size 


If you don't already know your size you can read our guides below. 

General Guide

We have put together a general size guide based on type and age however to get more accurate size results we do recommend using the measuring method further down this page. 


 Glove size  Type Age
6 Small child 7-8
7 Child/ Junior  9-11
8 Young adult 12-15
9 Adult 15+
10 Adult Senior
11 Large Adult Senior


Measure Method 

This method is more specific than the general guide and should help you get the perfect fit. 

To measure your size you will need to measure from the tip of your middle finger to the base of your palm (where it meets the wrist) and across the button of the fingers, you can use your knuckles for guidance. 


 Glove size  Hand length (cm) Hand width (cm)
6 17 9.5
7 18 10
8 19 10.5
9 20 11
10 21 11.5
11 22 12


If you need any additional information or help with your sizing you can get in touch with us via our contact page.